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Our Story

We launched No Chaser as an Instagram page in 2016. Since then our followers have sent us thousands of videos of people living life to the fullest, and maybe having a little too much fun. Our goal has always been to make people laugh and to share those good times. After a year in the lab, we formulated a clean energy drink to give you a real punch of natural energy that comes with all the good stuff that hydrates you and prevents a crash. The formula we created also helps delete hangovers. You’ll see what we mean when you check out the ingredients. No Chaser is for the long days, big nights and the rough mornings. We love the No Chaser product and hope you do too. Feel free to send us any amazing content you inevitably capture while drinking this product.


No Chaser Team

Keep it simple.

Just as our ingredients are clean and simple, so is the ordering process. We have one product; a 12 pack of No Chaser. Shipping on all orders anywhere in the U.S. is free.

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